Diptford Parish Lands Eleemosynary Charity

The Eleemosynary Charity is a historic local charity created in the early 20th century to benefit 'poor parishioners' and to provide grants to youngsters preparing to enter a trade or employment. There are two giving opportunities:

  1. For low income households or those on benefits to help with healthcare or travelling costs involved in receiving medical care.
  2. Grants towards an individual's education, training or apprenticeship.

The Trustees now wish to broaden the eligibility of the opportunity to apply for these grants and invite applications from residents within Diptford Parish.

Education grants

In relation to financial assistance with furthering their education, training or apprenticeship, grants of up to £800 may be made to individuals to assist with education equipment, trade clothes and tools and specific travel costs and other associated fees towards their education. Applications are invited from any local parishioner under the age of 21 who is undergoing or preparing for education or a training scheme that provided a suitable life skill or employment qualification.

Regular university or college course and accommodation costs do not qualify, but other supplementary one-off costs could be considered. Successful applicants will need to show evidence of the benefit of the grant and expenditure.

For grant applications towards education, training and apprenticeship please submit your application before 31st March each year. Applications will be evaluated by the Trust in May and grants allocated after that. The Trust may decide to make a partial grant payment dependent upon the merit and the number of applications each year.

Healthcare grants

Applications for grants for health care or travelling costs involved in receiving medical care will be considered throughout the year as need arises. Any applications of special merit and immediate need may be made at short notice.


The Application Form for both types of grant simply covers the following headings:

  • Full name; and name of parent or guardian for applications from children under 16
  • Address (applications can only be accepted from Diptford Parish)
  • Reason for application providing any evidence of need, the benefit and details of how the grant will be spent
  • A proposed breakdown of grant expenditure with evidence of the associated costs

The merit of all applications will be assessed by the Trustees of the Eleemosynary Charity Trust on the individual's financial need and their personal benefit from a grant.

For further information, or to submit a Grant Application form, please contac the Chairman of the Eleemosynary Charity Trust, Revd David Sayle ( ).